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Many Nepalis Still Lack Shelter, Over a Year After the Earthquakes – How We Can Help Them Together

While we enjoy sharing happy stories about the beautiful sights, cultures, and people of Nepal, the reality is that many people in the country are still struggling to recover from last year’s devastating earthquake. Even today, many families lack basic shelter. And, it is the Monsoon season.

We were contacted by one of our Nepali friends, Sampurna Khanal, who is trying to raise money to provide basic shelter for 21 families. Each shelter will cost approximately $200. So far, he has raised $400, and asked for our help. All of the money donated (minus banking transfer fees) will be sent to help these 21 families.

Contributions of ANY amount are gratefully accepted.

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Thank you to the following people for your donations!
Saurav Lamicchane

Sampurna sent a thank you message to include in this post with some photos showing the destruction from the earthquakes:

Hello and Namaste from Nepal.

I think all of you out there know about the devastating earthquake that occured in nepal one year ago. Thousands of people lost their life and millions of people lost their shelter. Thousands of people still dont have a proper shelter and enough food to survive. So our team decided to collect donations to the help the victims. We have list of 21 family who really need help and donation for them and for their childrens education. 21 family consists of old ages people,orphan and jobless people who lost everything on earthquake. 6 months earlier also we donated rice and utensils to 54 family who really nedd some support. Due to lack of government help they really are living a worst life. So if You and I can go hand in hand then we could make a better life for them. Please help us as you can and please ask your friends,relative and others too. Penny counts a lot here. Thank you so much!