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Seattle – Beyond the Screen – Friday evening with the Karma Documentary

The filmmakers, Luke and Christen, behind the Karma Documentary are coming out from behind the screen to spend an evening with you. They will be talking about the filming process and their experiences in Nepal, sharing photography and behind-the-scenes footage, and getting to know you over some adult beverages.

Do not get lost on your couch spending another night in front of your screen when you can come be part of the process in person.

We look forward to seeing you. Come alone or invite people to join you. This is a welcoming and inclusive gathering.

Friday, November 20th, 2015
St. Andrews Bar & Grill (7pm-1am)
7406 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98103

If you cannot join us, you can still help:

***You can donate through PayPal here:

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You can also make donations to our GoFundMe fundraiser.

***You can send a check to:

Luke Mislinski Photography

3563 US Highway 26
Dubois, WY