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Giving Tuesday and Beyond – Your Help Makes a Real Difference

As we try to keep our wits about us during this busy time of year, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Social media to the rescue! I wanted to take a moment to give a friendly reminder that today is “Giving Tuesday”and reminds us of the Giving Season.

We have received all manners of help from people all over the world to get to where we are with the film. Yet, we still are not at the top of our climb. As you think about where to make your donations this Giving Tuesday, and throughout the season, please consider contributing to the Karma Documentary.

Your donation will support the people of Nepal and help them recover from the devastating earthquakes. Together, we will tell their stories and encourage the return of tourists. It has been a slow recovery so far. Fall is usually the busiest tourism season in Nepal, and the numbers this year are far below what is needed for many Nepalis to get by in good years. Help us turn that around.

Thank you, Happy Holidays, Happy Giving Tuesday, and Namaste!

Contributions of ANY amount are gratefully accepted.

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You can also make donations to our GoFundMe fundraiser.

***by mail:

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