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Nepal, Karma Documentary, and Tax Deductible Donations

With the end of the year quickly approaching, the rush of getting things done can seem overwhelming. Oftentimes, the last thing on our mind is the tax season still a few months away. However, a few minutes of your time now can benefit not only you when that tax time comes, but can help people in Nepal and the Karma Documentary film project now.

We have been sponsored by a non-profit organization, which means that any money you donate can be used towards your tax deductions in the spring. Whether it is you or your company that has the ability to make donations this holiday season, a letter can be sent to you that you can keep with your records for your taxes.

Some companies (for instance, Microsoft), will match your donations, so ask your employer if this is an option you can utilize, as well.

When hundreds of thousands of people in Nepal lost their homes and businesses, the world stepped in briefly for immediate help. Now, months later, they are still struggling to piece back their lives and their communities.

Help us to help them, and to help tell their stories.

We appreciate any help you can give, and we hope your holidays are filled with warmth, love, and good tidings.

Contributions of ANY amount are gratefully accepted.

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You can also make donations to our GoFundMe fundraiser.

***by mail:

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