Luke Mislinski



Luke was born and raised in the prairies of Sioux Falls, SD. He succumbed to the creative lure of Austin, TX when he was 18, attending countless live music performances, as well as the University of Texas.  He did not know it at the time, but that southern launchpad of many indie filmmakers had an impact on more than his musical side.

While he spent much of his time over the following 14 years chasing day jobs in fields ranging from nuclear engineering to tuning up people’s pacemakers, he passionately poured his free hours into making music, photography, and now film.

He recently shifted his time towards photography and filmmaking full-time, and he wonders why it took him so long. Nature plays the central role in Luke’s creative inspiration.

As a student of science and avid outdoor enthusiast, Luke is constantly striving to show how we interact with our environment on an intimate and personal level.

When he is not hiking up a trail or skiing down a mountain, you can probably catch him in Seattle, his current home base, planning his next photography adventure at one of his favorite pubs.

One thought on “Luke”

  1. Hey Luck!!! Thank you for visiting Keep Picturing. Karma Documentary is really wonderful project. You guys will be helping so many people. Prayers and best wishes for you. Any help if I can it will be an honor for me. Nice to meet you. God bless you. All the best. Have a good weekend…..:)

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