Executive Producer/Medical Consultant

Dr. Aaron knows that there are only a few things necessary to keep his life in balance: a good routine, healthy food, exercise, and time in nature. He plans on getting those in order at some point. Until then, he spends most of his time jetting around the country trying to change how we understand medicine and the best way to apply it to our own lives in the simplest and most value-added ways.

He works hard to play hard and believes that a night on the dance floor can be just what the doctor ordered, especially if he is that doctor.

He joined the Karma Documentary, as both the medical consultant on the project and an executive producer, because he believes that technology can help provide medical assistance to the farthest regions of the world and make it more efficient at home. Time is our most valuable resource and he knows that too much time is wasted trying to stop being sick, when we could be focusing that time on being well and living happier.

Thoughts or questions?

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