Christen ~ Nepal’s Needs Are Ongoing

What can you do to help?

Visit: The number one thing you can do to help Nepal is to travel to see it for yourself. So much of what is needed in Nepal revolves around influxes of tourism. Almost every way of life in Nepal is affected by the ups and downs of tourism. This is not in the budget for all people, so…

Donate: Even small donations help us work towards getting out their story with the film and to send money to the individuals and families we know it will benefit most. If you have checked your coffee fund, your rainy day fund, and even scoured the couch cushions and there is nothing to be found that you can spare…

Share: Help get this out in your networks, where it can reach other people that can help.

If we all do what we can when we can do it, we are all part of the movement to make our world a better place.



Contributions of ANY amount are gratefully accepted.

***PayPal here:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

You can also make donations to our GoFundMe fundraiser.

***by mail:

Luke Mislinski Photography
714 3rd Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

© Luke Mislinski
© Luke Mislinski

3 thoughts on “Christen ~ Nepal’s Needs Are Ongoing”

  1. Hi Luke,

    I have bee friends with your mom forever to introduce myself. Secondly, I visited Nepal in 1994 and met a young man who guided for us for a day. 20 years later he found my address and sent mail to me at Augustana. We have been corresponding and he now has a family with 3 kids. They are poor. I sent him some money a few years ago but I am not sure he got it. They live in Pokara. Any suggestions about how to send money to him safely? I have really enjoyed your posts and pictures!


    Sandy Jerstad

    1. Sandy,

      I have been sending money to friends in Nepal via Western Union. Sure, there is a fee, but it has been 100% reliable. Your friends will need to present identification and the western union transaction number at any western union location.

      I hope this helps!

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