#buskingforkarma ~ Gandharba musicians from Nepal play Resham Firiri

Next in our #buskingforkarma series, enjoy this performance of the very popular traditional Nepali folk song, Resham Firiri. I met these musicians while taking a break from filming for the Karma Documentary, walking through the Thamel neighborhood of Kathmandu. They are the hardest working buskers I have met. They are members of the Gandharba, an ancient Hindu caste of musicians who travel from village to village, earning their living by spreading news and entertainment through their music.

Today, there is less demand for their traditional services. Like many Nepali people, they are struggling to adapt to changes brought about by globalization and the rise of modern communications technologies. To earn money for their families, they are often seen playing their music for donations from visitors and selling recordings and instruments on the streets of cities in Nepal.

Check out the video below!

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Left to right: Mandal, Petram, and Dambar

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