Luke ~ Making a Difference is not Easy.

I am asking for your help; I am asking you join me on a journey.

Many of you know that I have been working full-time as a professional photographer for some time. I am now launching a film-making venture. It is a project that will not succeed without your help and support.

I am producing and directing a film that will take you to a distant, harsh, and demanding land where you will be welcomed by some of the warmest, kindest, and most hospitable people on the planet. In just two weeks, I will be walking to remote villages in Nepal with my old friend, Christen, whom I have known since childhood, and my new friend, Glen, whom I met a couple year ago while taking an avalanche safety class.

We are making a documentary to show you the friendships and connections that form across cultural and economic boundaries between Westerners and local Sherpa villagers.

The story-line will highlight an incredible friendship and partnership between Glen, an American mountaineering guide, and Karma, a Sherpa guide from a remote village in the Everest region. Karma recently asked Glen to help his village find means to provide education and basic medical care. The need is stark: when Karma was four his father died of a simple infection. More recently, several women have died from complications during child-birth while trying to reach the nearest clinic (a four-day trek on foot over mountainous terrain). Most village children only get a 3rd grade education.

Glen is helping Karma launch a locally owned and operated sustainable tourism business to raise the money for education and basic medical services his village desperately needs.

Throughout the film, you will journey with me, Christen, and several other Westerners on the first official trip for Karma’s tourism company – Higher Path Treks and Expeditions. You will follow us for three weeks as we “rough it” on-foot through the Everest region, forging friendships with the local villagers along the way. You will be helping to uncover and spread the stories of these truly wonderful people. You will see that connections across culture can be strong, but you will also see the reality of giving. Helping to make a difference is not easy, yet we are all in this together.

I cannot ask you to don a pack and hit the trail with me, but I ask you to join me through your contributions and moral support. To make this film a reality, we have set a goal to raise $25,000 through this fundraiser to help cover travel, trek, and pre-production costs. Contribute here. We greatly appreciate any help you can give!

Under the Rainbow