Journey for Karma

If you lived in a village with no clean water, no modern sanitation facilities, no electricity, no paying jobs, no education beyond 5th grade, and the closest medical care was a four-day trek over rugged mountainous terrain, what would you do?

Join group of North Americans as they make the three-week journey for Karma.  Follow their adventures as they take the inaugural trip with a new Sherpa-owned sustainable tourism company in the Everest region of Nepal.

See what can happen when a man named Karma Sherpa has the vision, the will, and the friendships needed to bring tourism profits back to his village to fund education, infrastructure, and basic medical care for residents.

As the story progresses, witness the recurring story of how the people throughout the many regions of Nepal are doing everything they can to benefit themselves, their families, and their communities through like-minded sustainable tourism ventures. Feel the warmth and emotion that flows from the gracious hosts of this beautiful nation, who treat travelers like family.

The film is currently in development, but this site will chronicle its making. Check back here regularly to learn more! Here is some teaser footage:

This film is currently surviving on donations. We can not do it without your help! If you would like to donate, Contributions of any amount gratefully accepted.

Luke Mislinski Photography via Paypal.

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